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Anthony Fioranelli is a hard-hitting photojournalist who is currently making the transition to film-making. In his sixteen years as a photojournalist, Anthony has covered every major news event in the New York City tri-state area, including the terror attacks of the World Trade Center. Because of his professionalism and integrity as a journalist, Anthony was sought out to appear as a panelist on Court TV regarding the death of Princess Diana and the role of the press. In addition, the BBC developed a year-end show highlighting Anthony’s controversial images (published world-wide) from the airline crash of Flight 800 over the Atlantic Ocean off the shore of Long Island, New York. Anthony’s unique ability in gathering information to tell a compelling story is unsurpassed.  He has grown his one-man, one-camera spot news service, Multi Media Network News, into the largest spot news service in the tri-state area.    


  • David Handschuh, a three-time Pulitzer nominee based in New York City, excels in finding the 'unique in the routine'. An acclaimed editorial photojournalist, Handschuh has been working his magic behind the lens for more than 30 years. As a photographer for the New York Daily News for more than 18 years, Handschuh’s award-winning work has spanned the gamut from heart pounding, on-the-scene, breaking news images to acclaimed feature photo and lively portraiture.


  • Todd Maisel has been a press photographer since 1984 after graduating from New York University School of Journalism, and has been a member of the staff of the New York Daily News since 1999. Maisel is currently the Director of  Region 2 National Press Photographers Association, as well as the Vice President of the New York Press Photographers Association. In addition, Maisel is an adjunct professor at the College of Technology, City University of New York, where he teaches “Digital Photography in Design." He also attended classes at School of Visual Arts and Parsons.

Maisel has spent more than 25 years as a photojournalist in New York City. In 1998, he became the first freelance journalist to ever obtain the distinction of being named "Photographer of the Year" by the New York Press Photographers Association, and has won numerous photography awards from that organization since then. Maisel is also a three-time winner of the New York Press Club Nellie Bly “Spot News Photographer of the Year.”  In 2003, he spent nearly two months embedded with the military in both Kuwait and Iraq. His military units entered Iraq and held important shipping ports and clearing mines in southern Iraq.


  • Bolivar Arellano, a professional photographer for over 40 years, hails from Alausi, Ecuador. Arellano began his career in 1963 in Colombia, where his first photographs were published in the newspapers Vanguardia Liberal in Bucaramanga, and El Espectador in Bogota. In 1965, Arellano returned home to Ecuador and worked for the periodicals El Telegrafo and Vistazo Magazine (both in Guayaguil). In both 1969 and 1970, he earned the distinguished award Best National Photo.

Arriving in New York City in 1971, Arellano continued his work as a photojournalist, despite speaking no English. His photos reached the two top Hispanic Newspapers, El Diario La Prensa a Noticias Del Mundo and Temas Magazine. Shortly after,  he collaborated with El Mundo, a Puerto Rican newspaper, and TeVe Guia Magazine. As well, his photographs for the Associated Press have been published in prominent newspapers such as The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune and The Washington Post. He has been a staff photographer at the New York Post since 1993. On September 11, 2001, Arellano was at the World Trade Center and survived the fall of the first tower, but was injured when the second tower came down.


  • Don Halasy,



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